Tyrone Wells play at the House of Blues


It isn’t his height nor his bald head that catches you off guard when he gets up on stage, it’s the height of his spirit when he boldly sings his heart out.  It’s the captive hold he has on you when he tells his heart-felt, funny and charming stories.  It’s every breath he takes when he belts out from his soul.  It’s how he loves his life… his wife… his child… his guitar… his harmonica ….and his gratitude for everyone who shows up and watches him do what he was meant to do in life.  And he wasn’t just meant to entertain… he was meant to move you… and that he does very well.

 Here’s a few shots of Tyrone Wells at the House of Blues.
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Heifer International’s Beyond Hunger Gala on 9.19.2013

The special night spotlighted the work of powerful women. Susan Sarandon was honored the Noble Globe Award for her invaluable support of Heifer International. In addition to being a generous donor, she has given her time, her name and her talents to spread awareness of Heifer’s mission.

I am honored to be a part of the Heifer team. Heifer International is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to relieving global hunger and poverty. It provides gifts of livestock and plants, as well as education in sustainable agriculture, to financially-disadvantaged families around the world. At the second Annual Beyond Hunger, newly found and longtime supporters celebrate the successess around the world and push to bring families and communities out of poverty and into sustainability.

Click on the first image, read each caption and enjoy : )

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Happy Birthday Rome!

It was a huge squeel. Rome was so delighted by her surprise… in that exciting 2 year old way. My joy came out as giggles while she ran and ran and ran. I only get excited this way while sliding down a very steep waterslide. My cheeks hurt smiling so much.

Rome’s mommy asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said she wanted a fort… Ask and you shall recieve ; )

Dazzling Faces is Certified and use Face paint that is FDA approved.  I don’t think I’ve ever come across such professionalism in the industry of face painting but I was quite impressed… I’d approve them too!  They not only dazzle your face (literally) but they do a fantastic work of art with those blow up balloons.  I mean, check out that giraffe!  (Oh wait, is she face painting it too?)  Anyways, I wish adults threw parties with super cool balloons and dazzled faces (for themselves – not for their kids).  I think it would be lots of fun.  Plus, the staff have the greatest energy.  The lady who painted Rome’s face just got a 2 year old to sit still for 15 minutes.  Yeah!  I was dazzled by THAT!

I think if she could, Rome would have lollipop for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and snacktime… and naptime.

I’ve never met anyone who can look beautiful as a dog until I saw this face.

This is not the first time I’ve worked with the staff at Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. They have always been so helpful, friendly and fun.

I love the charm Experience Architechture add to their customized events. After all, it’s the little things that count. The pizza alone was like hors d’oeuvres for toddlers.

Ask me how much I wanted to take a sip outta one of these fabulous drinks! Brooke Peterson and Pamela Pimiento know how to add adult fun at a 2 year old’s birthday party.

Enjoying a yummy Rome sandwich.

Caught red-handed.

What I would do to enjoy cake like this.

And thankful I was for giving Rome tangible memories she can someday share with her own two year old : )

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Welcome Olivia! Born April 16, 2012

This gallery contains 26 photos.

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Welcome Sabrina Kampf 3.17.’12

Heather Kampf gave birth to Sabrina on Saint Patty’s Day.  Not only did Sabrina’s birthdate fall on a memorable day during the year, but it was also the day that Heather’s strength was challenged.  She came quickly and quite unexpectedly while Heather was alone in the bathroom with her 3 year old.  She was alone facing the most difficult challenge of her life.  I can’t even imagine what one goes through having to calm themselves and a toddler while giving birth alone in the bathroom.  Abbie, the toddler couldn’t be more of an angel to her baby sister, Sabrina who was born, naturally, and in the most unique and amazing circumstances I’ve ever heard.

I hope that I’ve given justice to what miracle could occur in a woman’s life.  It was  an honor to have given Sabrina her first photoshoot.

Abbie is one of the most beautiful little girls I've ever met. She has the sweetest energy.

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Waiting….Heather’s Maternity

I remember when I had only one more month to go before Isabelle arrived.  Anxious, excited, scared, hopeful and absolutely ignorant to the experience of having your first child.  It was whole mixture of joy in a big bowl of anxiety.

I’ve come very attached with photographing a woman’s belly.  I’m on a discovery venture, or perhaps also an envious one : ).  I think it’s beautiful.  It’s the very evidence a woman can put on a plate and say… “there is a whole lot on this plate that many cannot serve.”  It’s a miracle.  This maternity shoot was a very pleasant and nostalgic one.  I wish to have a shoot like this one day.

…Enough about me… Meet Heather and Abbie.  They are such a cute little duo.  Watching them made me miss snuggling with my daughter.  Heather is tall, beautiful, has a very inviting spirit and is clever on top of that.  It’s no wonder why her offspring (Abbie) came out to be one of the most perfect little girls I’ve ever met.  Funny, most women feel absolutely big at this stage in their pregnancy.  It was no wonder when Heather told me that she felt like a fat cow!  But when I saw her I couldn’t understand her concerns. Take a look at this beautiful woman… I think she’s perfectly perfect! She makes a great maternity model, that’s for sure.  When I was pregnant I gained 72 lbs!  …Heather has no idea.I can’t wait to meet the little angel in Heather’s belly.  It’s gonna be a girl : )

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Double the Trouble? or Double the Fun?…Welcome Jack and Owen!

I am very blessed to have the honor of photographing families.  My best intentions are not to just produce images but to make them a vehicle of happiness.  I’ve been wanting to blog about all my shoots but as I am a lonely fort, I’ve fallen in the lowest rank of ‘bloggorythms’.  I’ve dedicated time in my week to really put more blogs out there.  I have so much to share.  This shoot is a nice start for the many you are about to read about ; ).

I was so excited to do the first official photoshoot for newborn twins, Jack and Owen.  This young couple had their mother at the shoot to give us all an extra hand.  When the twins started their ‘I-can-poop-more-than-you-can contest’ we were in the corner giggling at all the newborn ‘bathroom’ nuances.  While we were sorting out a clever pose one of the twins splatted newborn you-know-what all down daddy’s black pants.  Shortly after the second twin did the same to mommy.  It was a mustard fest! You wouldn’t even guess how many of my newborn props were soiled (lol).  I learned that I really only have a good 20 minutes to shoot newborns at their most peaceful sleep, you can’t have too many rags nearby, and  I also learned the power of  TWO.  Two parents to greet two newborn angels, to love them and protect them always …. it was double the fun.  (go on scroll!)

Oh, wait…. I wanted to thank the WLAPOM (West Los Angeles Parents of Multiples) for believing in my work and for trusting me with such precious images.  (now scroll)

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Family time at the Beach

I have been so backed up with shoots that my blogging is really taking a hit.  When I got an email from someone I’ve never met before asking if I planned to add more blogs, I was extremely surprised that I had a blog enthusiast… or that anyone really read my blogs.  It was a moment when I decided that I’d really dedicate more time to my bloggism.  Thank you, my angelic stranger : )

Here’s a family shoot that I did at the Santa Monica Pier.  From these photographs, you can see what great energy the family has.  The kids were in constant giggles, the parents, in constant awe of their two beautiful boys.   There was a lot of running, a lot of laughs, a lot of love.  Take a look…. scroll…. scroll.

After I was done with this shoot, all I could do was smile.

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Julie and Bryant…. counting down …

Something romantic…. something funny.  These are two things I ask all my couples to have in mind to whisper to each other.  Little did I know the funny bit would be so odd!  After our awesome and romantic shoot at the old lighthouse in Victoria Beach an old vagrant man was running around us, naked, showing off his huge….. feet (wink-wink).

I went to high school with Julie and Bryant.  Funny that we all passed each other down the halls of Walnut High School with no idea that 20 years later I’d be documenting one of their most momentous days ever.  They represent a time in my life when I never even knew what true love was… true love I see between the two of them now.  True love that makes her giggle at his jokes … true love that makes him want to kiss her all the time… true love that has him using post-its as mini love vehicles… true love that leads them to their wedding day on 11.11.11

The ring-bearer.

The shoot ended with a long powow around a table. Beer, tacos and nostalgia.

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Kelly and Marc engaged!

Meet Kelly and Marc.

When I was on my way to meet Kelly and Marc, there was a huge accident on the freeway.  I took a picture of it with my iphone cause there was a small car with an SUV balancing on top of it…  I showed it to the couple and then discovered Marc was a police officer.  I was immediately guilty for rubber-necking an accident and taking photos while I was driving….towe! I was relieved that didn’t give them an awful impression of me.

Anyways, I wanna talk about Kelly and Marc.  As I am an avid watcher of FBI files and crime shows I have become a supporter of our street angels… or police officers. The stuff they see must be just as or worse than what our soldiers see in Iraq.  I know my spirit would be heavy if I had a career like that.  I think the only way to get a smile on my face is to have someone like Kelly in my life.  She is his escape, his laughter….. his smile.  He is strong and reserved.  She is free-spirited and gregarious.  The dicotomy creates such a wonderful, fun and balanced relationship.

For their shoot we visited their favorite park with their 3 furry children (who have a big room in their house).  We then went to the Farmer’s Market where Kelly and Marc went to for their first few dates.  My husband and I met at the Farmer’s Market  just next door to the French Crepe Company where they enjoyed one of their first meals together.  It was a fun, beautiful and yummy day.  Actually, I got a sting of nostalgia… it reminded me of great times at the Farmers Market.  I love it there.

(Go ahead…. scroll scroll!)

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