The Secret Proposal

It was the biggest lie I was willing to play along with.  In fact, it was my pleasure to do so.

Eddie met Joanna online.  They vetted each other, they searched for each other and painfully swiped right and left so many times …. and without further ado, here they are now… 3 years later, happy as ever.  A simple message hello and a clever comment on each other’s profiles led to a secret proposal on a Malibu Mountain top.

He brilliantly produced this all on his own.  He put together a fake production shot list for a fake Sara Bareilles music video she excitedly thought she would be featured in.  When he pulled out the ring and got on his knees she tuned in that this was THE MOMENT she had been waiting for…  It was better than being featured in your favorite artist’s music video, it’s the start of a permanent role in the love of her life.  He proposed to her infront of a mini orchestra on top of heaven in the middle of sunset, just at the right time of day.

There I was, left to tears… moments like these make me appreciate love… true love.



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