Welcome Olivia! Born April 16, 2012

Second from the joy of staring at a newborn baby is watching her mother discover the overwhelming happiness that she never knew she could feel.

I love when they smile back. It’s so sweet!

This is Panda. Olivia’s new watcher.

I love that Olivia’s bedroom was decorated with trinkets and handmade gifts specially made for her. There is history and great intent that comes with all of them. Something she can pass on… how precious. I’m super sentimental like that… I love it.

I know what she’s saying…’wow, I made her.’ Yes dear Allie, and you did well.

I couldn’t believe Olivia was only 8 days old. She heard every click my camera made and it seemed as though she was looking for it.

She will forever feel safest in his arms.

I love that newborn smell : )

Clearly proud of each other…

Could this be a bit to mooshy for you, Panda? lol


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