Welcome Sabrina Kampf 3.17.’12

Heather Kampf gave birth to Sabrina on Saint Patty’s Day.  Not only did Sabrina’s birthdate fall on a memorable day during the year, but it was also the day that Heather’s strength was challenged.  She came quickly and quite unexpectedly while Heather was alone in the bathroom with her 3 year old.  She was alone facing the most difficult challenge of her life.  I can’t even imagine what one goes through having to calm themselves and a toddler while giving birth alone in the bathroom.  Abbie, the toddler couldn’t be more of an angel to her baby sister, Sabrina who was born, naturally, and in the most unique and amazing circumstances I’ve ever heard.

I hope that I’ve given justice to what miracle could occur in a woman’s life.  It was  an honor to have given Sabrina her first photoshoot.

Abbie is one of the most beautiful little girls I've ever met. She has the sweetest energy.


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