Waiting….Heather’s Maternity

I remember when I had only one more month to go before Isabelle arrived.  Anxious, excited, scared, hopeful and absolutely ignorant to the experience of having your first child.  It was whole mixture of joy in a big bowl of anxiety.

I’ve come very attached with photographing a woman’s belly.  I’m on a discovery venture, or perhaps also an envious one : ).  I think it’s beautiful.  It’s the very evidence a woman can put on a plate and say… “there is a whole lot on this plate that many cannot serve.”  It’s a miracle.  This maternity shoot was a very pleasant and nostalgic one.  I wish to have a shoot like this one day.

…Enough about me… Meet Heather and Abbie.  They are such a cute little duo.  Watching them made me miss snuggling with my daughter.  Heather is tall, beautiful, has a very inviting spirit and is clever on top of that.  It’s no wonder why her offspring (Abbie) came out to be one of the most perfect little girls I’ve ever met.  Funny, most women feel absolutely big at this stage in their pregnancy.  It was no wonder when Heather told me that she felt like a fat cow!  But when I saw her I couldn’t understand her concerns. Take a look at this beautiful woman… I think she’s perfectly perfect! She makes a great maternity model, that’s for sure.  When I was pregnant I gained 72 lbs!  …Heather has no idea.I can’t wait to meet the little angel in Heather’s belly.  It’s gonna be a girl : )


2 thoughts on “Waiting….Heather’s Maternity

  1. Louella!! They are beautiful, I wish my sister lived close because I would pay for her to have a session like this.

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