Double the Trouble? or Double the Fun?…Welcome Jack and Owen!

I am very blessed to have the honor of photographing families.  My best intentions are not to just produce images but to make them a vehicle of happiness.  I’ve been wanting to blog about all my shoots but as I am a lonely fort, I’ve fallen in the lowest rank of ‘bloggorythms’.  I’ve dedicated time in my week to really put more blogs out there.  I have so much to share.  This shoot is a nice start for the many you are about to read about ; ).

I was so excited to do the first official photoshoot for newborn twins, Jack and Owen.  This young couple had their mother at the shoot to give us all an extra hand.  When the twins started their ‘I-can-poop-more-than-you-can contest’ we were in the corner giggling at all the newborn ‘bathroom’ nuances.  While we were sorting out a clever pose one of the twins splatted newborn you-know-what all down daddy’s black pants.  Shortly after the second twin did the same to mommy.  It was a mustard fest! You wouldn’t even guess how many of my newborn props were soiled (lol).  I learned that I really only have a good 20 minutes to shoot newborns at their most peaceful sleep, you can’t have too many rags nearby, and  I also learned the power of  TWO.  Two parents to greet two newborn angels, to love them and protect them always …. it was double the fun.  (go on scroll!)

Oh, wait…. I wanted to thank the WLAPOM (West Los Angeles Parents of Multiples) for believing in my work and for trusting me with such precious images.  (now scroll)


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