Julie and Bryant…. counting down …

Something romantic…. something funny.  These are two things I ask all my couples to have in mind to whisper to each other.  Little did I know the funny bit would be so odd!  After our awesome and romantic shoot at the old lighthouse in Victoria Beach an old vagrant man was running around us, naked, showing off his huge….. feet (wink-wink).

I went to high school with Julie and Bryant.  Funny that we all passed each other down the halls of Walnut High School with no idea that 20 years later I’d be documenting one of their most momentous days ever.  They represent a time in my life when I never even knew what true love was… true love I see between the two of them now.  True love that makes her giggle at his jokes … true love that makes him want to kiss her all the time… true love that has him using post-its as mini love vehicles… true love that leads them to their wedding day on 11.11.11

The ring-bearer.

The shoot ended with a long powow around a table. Beer, tacos and nostalgia.


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