Kelly and Marc engaged!

Meet Kelly and Marc.

When I was on my way to meet Kelly and Marc, there was a huge accident on the freeway.  I took a picture of it with my iphone cause there was a small car with an SUV balancing on top of it…  I showed it to the couple and then discovered Marc was a police officer.  I was immediately guilty for rubber-necking an accident and taking photos while I was driving….towe! I was relieved that didn’t give them an awful impression of me.

Anyways, I wanna talk about Kelly and Marc.  As I am an avid watcher of FBI files and crime shows I have become a supporter of our street angels… or police officers. The stuff they see must be just as or worse than what our soldiers see in Iraq.  I know my spirit would be heavy if I had a career like that.  I think the only way to get a smile on my face is to have someone like Kelly in my life.  She is his escape, his laughter….. his smile.  He is strong and reserved.  She is free-spirited and gregarious.  The dicotomy creates such a wonderful, fun and balanced relationship.

For their shoot we visited their favorite park with their 3 furry children (who have a big room in their house).  We then went to the Farmer’s Market where Kelly and Marc went to for their first few dates.  My husband and I met at the Farmer’s Market  just next door to the French Crepe Company where they enjoyed one of their first meals together.  It was a fun, beautiful and yummy day.  Actually, I got a sting of nostalgia… it reminded me of great times at the Farmers Market.  I love it there.

(Go ahead…. scroll scroll!)


One thought on “Kelly and Marc engaged!

  1. Love-love these photos!! What a beautiful couple! I appreciate all the elements of the photos: the personalization (the furry friends included!), the references to precious memories and first date, the humor reflected by the photographer and Kelly and Marc, the composition and color — what enjoyment to look at these photos and know that there are more to come.

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